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Welcome to Torah Academy of Jacksonville

At Torah Academy we shine a spotlight on the needs of the individual child while at the same time planting the seeds that will create a life-long learner. We work hard to create a nurturing atmosphere on a daily basis, carefully guiding our students on the road to becoming well-rounded and productive members of our Jewish community and beyond.

The Student Experience

Early Childhood

Our early childhood division is a warm and nurturing environment, perfect for three- and four-year-olds. We carefully interweave general studies with Judaic studies so that our youngest students can absorb and make sense of the world around them.

Day School K-8

We provide students with a comprehensive and rigorous education encompassing both Judaic and General Studies, alongside the skills to build healthy self-awareness and an understanding of one’s Jewish identity in the 21st century.

High School

Students are empowered to find meaningful ways to contribute to the greater Jewish community near and far. They are provided with opportunities to attain the highest levels of proficiency and, accordingly, are prepared for success in any field and profession.

Demonstrating Academic Excellence


At Torah Academy, our goal is to fit the curriculum to the student. Every student is different and needs to connect with the material in his or her own way. 


Torah Academy’s parents have entrusted us to educate each child in a Torah-true environment. It is a labor of love and one that we embrace at our core.

Ensure a quality Jewish education for your child. Apply today.

Ensure a quality Jewish education for your child. Apply today.