Rabbi Shaya Hauptman
Head of School
Ms. Danielle Boyce
General Studies Coordinator

Instructional Staff

Morah Henny Fisch
Preschool Director
Morah Chantal Simmons
Preschool Assistant
Ms. Nichole Deese
Kindergarten and First Grade General Studies
Ms. Beth McNeal
2nd Grade General Studies
Rabbi Ephraim Weiss
2nd Grade Judaic Studies
Ms. Kimberly Monsalve
3rd - 8th Grades ELA and Social Studies
Mr. Junior Rodney
3rd - 8th Grades Math and Science
Rabbi Mayer Rabinowitz
3rd and 5th/6th Grades Judaic Studies
Rabbi Binyomin Levin
4th and 7th/8th Judaic Studies
Ms. Rivky Appelbaum
Middle School Girls Navi, and Judaic Resource Room

Office Staff

Yocheved Hauptman
Administrative Assistant, and Bookkeeper
Sara Smolensky
Office Assistant

Support & Specialty Staff

Ms. Lauren Lodato
JFCS Inclusion Specialist
Ms. Kirsten Wirth
School Counselor
Ms. Rochelle Miller
General Studies Resource Room
Ms. Linda Rosenthal
Coach Jerrod Tucker
Physical Education Instructor