About Us

We Are Torah Academy

ֲחנך לנער על פִּי דרכו גם כי יזקין לא יסור ממנה: משלי כב:ו
Educate the child on his own path and even when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

Our Mission

Torah Academy of Jacksonville is a Torah Umesorah affiliated Jewish day school whose mission is the ongoing commitment to excellence in providing each student with the highest quality Judaic and General Studies education in a respectful, safe and nurturing environment.

Our Vision

Torah Academy’s vision is to instill within our students a lifelong love of learning and living. We educate children to become knowledgeable in academic areas and sensitive to moral and ethical concerns.


TA’s faculty is passionate in its commitment to motivate and inspire children to achieve their personal best, to enhance their self-esteem, and to involve parents as partners in the growth process. Our Judaic Studies teachers are living role models of Torah values and mitzvah observance.


TA inculcates a love for our American heritage, loyalty to the Jewish people, and support for the State of Israel. Students are taught to understand the importance of good manners and derech eretz at all times and exhibit sensitivity for teachers, parents and each other. The school instills a sense of responsibility, chessed, and community service.

Our Educational Philosophy

Torah Academy offers a well-rounded education which exceeds Florida State standards. The school complements a complete Jewish education with an uncompromising general education. TA’s intimate classroom setting supports a unique teacher and student relationship where each child is encouraged to strive for and achieve his or her maximum potential. The combination of a genuine Torah education and an excellent General Studies education prepares our students for academic, personal and professional success.

Our Core Values

Ahavas Yisrael, the love for all Jews and awareness of the inter-responsibility of the Jewish People

Enthusiasm for learning and personal growth in an inclusive environment

Excellence in General Studies

A love of Torah and mitzvos, the commandments by which a Torah Jew lives

A personal relationship with Hashem

A passion for the land and people of Israel

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