High School

Preparing the Next Generation to Lead

Torah Academy is committed to providing its students with a comprehensive and rigorous education encompassing both Judaic and General Studies, alongside the skills to build healthy self-awareness and an understanding of one’s Jewish identity in the 21st century. Our students are empowered to find meaningful ways to contribute to the greater Jewish community near and far. Torah Academy students are provided with opportunities to attain the highest levels of proficiency and, accordingly, are prepared for success in any field and profession.

Torah Academy is proud to partner with our sister school, Ora Academy in Rochester, NY. Our students enjoy the commonalities inherent in being at the heart of a tight-knit, warm community.

High School Classes

The following are required classes for Torah Academy High School Girls Division:

Kodesh Classes

  • Chumash – Mrs Levin
  • Navi – Rabbi Hamaoui 
  • Dinim – Rabbi Kahn
  • Be’er Tefila–Mrs Sanders
  • GO Girls- Mrs Shayna Uhr
  • Tefillah – Mrs Sanders
  • Chessed- Mrs Shayna Uhr
  • American History- Ms Demika Jackson
  • Algebra- Mrs Harriet Brummer 

Secular Classes


In addition to the above requirements, each High School student has the benefit of attending elective courses in art, baking, yoga, and dance. Torah Academy High School will be implementing additional courses teaching the students skills such as note taking, time management, and high school study skills.

Extra Curriculars

Torah Academy High School has been working diligently to create a fun, exciting environment for the students. Plans include bake sales, paint days, melave malkas, onegs, shabbatons, and trips (spontaneous and planned).

Chessed Hours: Each High School student has a Chessed Hour requirement of 125 hours total (25-hour requirement per year). Chessed Hours must be pre-approved by Mrs. Lazor.

High School Policies

We have unique campus policies that apply to our high school students. For more information, please review the student handbook.


High School students are permitted to leave school during lunch break, only if their parent has signed and returned a consent form.

The student must sign out in the office and sign in again upon their return. Students who leave school during lunch are expected to return on time for the next class – prior to 12:55pm.


Failure to do so may result in losing the privilege of leaving during lunch.


Students are not permitted to bring cell phones, tablets, laptops or any electronic devices to class. All such devices, when brought to school, must either be turned off and kept in the student’s backpack until after students leave school grounds for dismissal or turned into Mrs. Lazor at the beginning of the day and can be picked up when the student departs the premises.


The High School students are able to use the microwave in the High School Modular to warm or cook their lunches. Additionally, the High School students are able to bring dairy, pareve, or meat lunches and eat lunch in the High School Modular at 12:30 instead of outside. Students may not use their microwave for students in other grades. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in the student losing microwave privileges.​

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